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“Dr. Carla Johnston is a masterful storyteller. She takes us on a journey for 50+ years where she never loses sight of her dreams. She reminds us that when we hit roadblocks, get discourages, or lose sight of what’s possible, we can shift our dreams to accommodate a new vision. While her current reality is not exactly what she imagined many years ago, it is the perfect reality for her, right now”

– Ginny Robertson | Founder, On Purpose Women Community & On Purpose Women Magazine

New release! Freshman at fifty

Dr. Carla Johnston’s life story, uniquely her own, also resonates with all women. Fraught with roadblocks and buoyed by unexpected support, Carla’s dream of becoming a clinician to serve others on their health journey is interwoven with her life journey. Through bravery, resilience, and a dogged belief in herself, she became a freshman at fifty. Empowering and enlightening, this is an amazing story.

Called to Lead

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“I recently read Dr. Carla Johnston’s chapter in the latest book “Called to Lead” – her energy is transformative. I love how she spoke about moving nutrition into nourishment and the attitude of creating fun and enjoying the journey. So often we look at our health journey as being punishing by she lightens the message while empowering us to find enjoyment.”

– Laura timbrook, NBC-HWC

Called to lead

The world needs women who say “YES!” and lead. Is this you?

Gain actionable insights from diverse women worldwide who share their wisdom and advice for your multifaceted life.


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