Uniquely, Perfectly Imperfect: Striving for Better While Loving Where You Are Now

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We all have some idea in our heads of how something “should” look. It could be about something you make, an event you organize, your job, or even yourself. When things don’t go just right, we often feel a sense of let down and failure. Have you ever wondered why “perfect” always seems just out of reach? Today I want to talk to you about letting the pursuit of perfection steal your joy.

Having goals and aspirations are part of living a healthy life. In this episode, I address how you can strive for greatness while maintaining gratitude for where you are now. I talk about some of the issues that can arise when you your vision of perfection is too rigid and allows no room for flexibility. Finally, I discuss different strategies that you can use to work through this issue and start enjoying life Now!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why the benchmarks for “perfect” are always changing
  • Focusing on the flaws and missing the bigger picture
  • Making yourself miserable when you don’t live up to your own expectations
  • The things we tell ourselves, like “I’ll feel better when….”
  • Delaying happiness
  • Strategies to reach your goals in a healthy way
  • Loving who and where you are now

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